Our Mission

To empower Canadian companies with the world's best IT talent.

Why recruit globally with AffinityInternational:

IT Supply / Demand

The demand for IT talent is increasingly greater than the supply of available talent. Secure the talent you need by going global.

Quality Talent Pool

Recruit the world's highest quality talent without worrying about borders.

Cost Savings

Engage talent from around the world at a fraction of the cost of your local market.


Our flexible solutions make finding IT talent easy, whether you’re looking for international contractors or relocate your candidates.

Increase Retention

Relocated candidates will join your team with an employer-specific work visa.

Go Global

Globalize your operations and enjoy the benefits of a diverse workforce.

How AffinityInternational works

Whether you want to recruit globally to build your remote team, or you are looking to relocate talent from around the world, we are here to help.


Build remote teams with international contractors. We recruit and onboard your new team members.

Search & Relocation

We recruit your team members and help you relocate them to Canada.

Remote & Relocation

Lose no time. Your new team member starts remotely, and then relocates to Canada.

The World is Now Your Talent Pool

Our global scope allows us to find the top IT talent anywhere in the world. We have provided clients with consultants from the following countries:

Immigration Experts

Our experienced team will support you and your candidates with all the documentation needed to ensure a smooth immigration process.

International Reach

Our global teams from Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and India are highly experienced in international recruitment.

Candidate assessment

Our candidates are assessed through rigorous technical tests. We’ll also share a 2-min introductory video for each candidate.

About Affinity

Affinity is an IT staffing and consulting company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

We work across all of Canada with over 100 Canadian-based companies and over 1,000 IT consultants. We provide our clients with IT & business expertise to help them deliver on their IT & Business projects.

Our innovative and flexible approach to IT staffing and consultants has lead Affinity Group to be recognized as one of BC's fastest growing companies for 3 consecutive years.

Next Steps

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Our experienced team of recruiters average 5+ years of local and international recruitment, this allows us to reach out and shortlist the best talent for you.

The expected amount of time from qualifying a need to having a consultant on-site is 6-8 weeks.

To take advantage of similar time zones and business climates, we are focusing on countries in Latin America.

We can support your immigration process and make sure you successfully bring your new employee into Canada.

Work visas can be valid for two years, employees can apply then for permanent residence and stay in Canada.

No, you can hire as many as you need. Canada eases the immigration process of bringing top talent into the country.